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Digital Portraits

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An independent part of my degree show project 'ΠΕΡΙΠΑΙΖΩ'  which features a digital impressionist painting style ironically mixed with typography and mainstream pop culture elements and colourways.

Looking into the work of contemporary feminist artists like Hend Al-Mansour and Sarah Maple I have been inspired to direct my artwork into the exploration of the complexities of faith, social belief systems, and feminism today, and the questioning of identity and sexuality. Also influenced by the work of female artists that painted women like Dora Carrington and studied the painting techniques of painters like Lucian Freud. 

My inspiration was also triggered by researches carried by Sinder De Ridder, and by Traci A Giulano with Sarah C. Gomillion.  From Riddler’s studies, online and offline behaviors young people display in romantic relationships are closely related, referring to both material and symbolical contexts in which social media are organizing sexualities, as in inspiring the confused youth to allow themselves to reshape sexual norms. 

  As similarly put by Homegrown media in their studies of restricted sexuality and young Indian artists, the standards of what is acceptable and what is supposed to be deserving of censorship are very corrupt. Young India artists like Roshini Kumar in their series ‘BARE’ and ‘PUSSY AND PATRON’ they show an unfiltered and unapologetic tribute to sexual freedom. 

Artists like Pulkit Mogha, who correctly said that we need to stop resisting whatever makes us feel uncomfortable, along with Aditya Yerma, Sam Madha, and a lot of artists whose work get put down daily online go through a learning curve to find loopholes in the platforms’ systems and managed to make their work seen. 

Other artists and groups worth mentioning: Senju Shunga, Petites Luxures, Ellie Smallwood, Regards Coupables, Fabio Bacchini, Stephanie Sarley, Sam Morris, Smell of Sleep 

The paintings feature in the figures that act as symbols of certain mental interactions and as a result they work as the visualization of feelings in relatable human forms. Since these feelings I am attempting to project cannot be placed in time and place, the figures are nude because clothing and accessories insert cultural context to the image. 

In my previous work, I have presented part of this body of paintings through a platform that had some restrictive parameters that stopped a part of the audience to view the work.  Having my work presented in such a way made it suffer and some of the audience was automatically excluded from the artwork. After experiencing my work suffering in this way I have decided to put my artwork back into the gallery space and the same time decided to bring nude back into the gallery space even after the Guerilla Girls told the world that a female can enter the museum only as a nude painting. 

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